Menstrual Cycle And Pregnancy Problems

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Today we are going to talk about menstrual problems, pregnancy, and chiropractic.

When I was in school, there was a line I heard from one of my instructors that structure governs function.

An example the reinforces this is when I was treating a 15 year old girl early in my practice whose main complaint was painful menstrual cycles.

Once again, she was 15 years old, but the pain and discomfort during menstruation started as soon as she started having her periods which was several years earlier.

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This young lady came into see me seeking treatment for this problem, and during the initial examination, I pressed on her tail bone and it realigned.

When realignment occurred, it did so with a loud and noticeable sound, clearly indicating the displacement.

That was the only treatment required as with the realignment the problem disappeared as well.

Even years later, I received feedback from her family that the pain not only went away after treatment, but stayed away over time.

Similar to this, myself as well as other chiropractors I know, have had patients come in that are trying to get pregnant and have not had any luck with various things they have tried to assist in becoming pregnant.

In these situations, I believe that the problem can be very similar to the above menstruation example cited in that it can be fairly easy for a young, active women to misalign something in their pelvis or spine that could ends up interfering with their ability to get pregnant.

While there is no scientific studies I can cite to support this, from chiropractic experience I can say that this type of situation is actually very common.

Once again, it comes back to structure governs function and when the spine is properly aligned, the body is more likely to perform in the manner intended.

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