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While there are many people play golf, or try to play golf, the majority are not getting the most out of their performance due in part to physical reasons.

There is nothing natural about a golf swing.

The actual swing itself has a number of physical requirements of the golfer.

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Some of these physical requirements include flexibility in the shoulders and arms, and flexibility in the back, hips, core, and the legs.

For most people, especially golfers over thirty, its the flexibility in these areas that is lacking and lowering their level of golf performance.

Its also mot uncommon for golfing professionals to become frustrated with people that show up for lessons that are not physically ready to take full advantage of proper instruction.

In order to compensate for physical shortcomings, many golfers will incorporate other elements into their golf swing to compensate.  The end result is that their swing becomes more complicated and they become even more frustrated with the results that they are getting.

At this point, frustration can lead to blaming the equipment and other excuses that lead away from the real problem.

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