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“Treating Rib Pain Or Rib Injuries With Burlington Chiropractic Care”

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When people have problems with rib pain its typically related to a strain or sprain.

Specifically, more often than not, upper ribs are involved.

So do we sprain or strain our ribs in the first place?

Usually this is the result of reaching or over reaching. Sometimes the pain can come from throwing, but again that is also a form of over reaching.

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There typically is a predisposing condition, something that you are not aware of such as stiffness in the lower back, in one of the shoulders, or the bottom part of the neck.

These are the types of conditions where you may feel a bit stiff in the morning, but go on with you day and don’t think much about it.

When there is rib pain on the left side of the body, many people immediately think it has something to do with the heart.

If the pain is in the area of the heart, the best way to tell if its strictly related to the ribs is by drawing a deeper breathe which will cause a higher level of discomfort from the rib cage expanding.

Some times the lower ribs are the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Lower rib pain can also be caused by over reaching and over extending, but many times it is the lingering result of a past fall, slip, or direct hit into the area, and the rib pain will typically be in the same area were the fall, slip, or hit occurred.

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