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“Getting Rid Of Numbness In Fingers At Our Burlington Clinic”

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You can get numbness in your fingers from a number of different causes.

The first and most well known cause is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel occurs locally in the hand, near the point where the hand and wrist connect to each other.

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At the base of the hand there is a transverse ligament which can be traumatized from continuous exposure to vibration, as an example, from the operation of heavy equipment. So for many occupations, this type of trauma can occur quite often, resulting in the thickening of the Transverse ligament.

This thickening ends up putting pressure on the nerves that flow below the ligament, causing numbness in the fingers, particularly noticeable when the hand and fingers are extended.

Another common reason why people get numbness in their fingers is due to Thoracic Outlook Syndrome.

Thoracic Outlook Syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve near the base of the neck that travels down the arm to the fingers.

The nerve constriction at the spinal level can be caused by an injury or accident from previous years or from osteoarthritis.

In order to get rid of the resulting finger numbness that can occur from Thoracic Outlook Syndrome, spinal work will be required.

There can be other causes of numbness in the fingers, some neurological and some from arthritis that can be hard to get rid of without proper treatment.

If you have numbness in the fingers in one or both hands, I suggest that you give us a call to book a free initial consultation so that we can take a look at your condition first hand and suggest a treatment plan.

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