Minor Aches And Pains

“Minor Aches And Pains Can Lead To Major Health Issues”

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Today we are going to talk about things that are typically not even considered to be injuries, at least not in the beginning or when there has only been a single incident of strain or pain to a particular area of the body.

Things like sudden slips, jolts, kinks that occur, mild falls,  mild whiplash, and other types of occurrences can be so mild that they are usually classified as an injury, especially if the pain or discomfort goes away reasonably quickly.

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For example, if you have a sudden turn of your head while driving, you may experience a mild discomfort in your neck.

Or when you bend into the trunk to retrieve a bag of groceries you may get a twinge in your lower back.

There are plenty of every day examples of similar occurrences and none of them may end up resulting in an injury.

However, if the area ends up getting hurt a couple of times in a very similar location on the body, then its really work checking it out.

Most of the time these non injuries have some pain or discomfort that goes away rather quickly and that can provide a false signal to you in terms of what’s really going on with that area of your body.

The result could actually be that the spine is undergoing some changes that we are not even aware of.

When a longer term injury is created, people tend to either be surprised to find out that the problem started years earlier when they come in for an examination, or they suspected this but never did anything about it.

The key point there is that these types of injuries that develop over time from minor incidences can develop into osteoarthritic changes that we face later on in life in our forties, fifties, and so on that causes us problems with movement and basic deterioration of a certain area of the body that we have injured.

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