Back And Leg Pain During Pregnancy

“For Pregnant Women With Lower Back Pain And Sciatica, We Offer A Completely Natural Pain Relief Treatment”

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The facts are that a lot of women experience lower back pain and sciatica during pregnancy.

Let’s look closer as to why this occurs so often and what can be done about it.

As back problems go, when issues are forming in the lower back, there is no noticeable pain or discomfort.

So when a woman becomes pregnant she likely doesn’t have any idea if she is going to be predisposed to getting back pain or sciatica during pregnancy or not.

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Statistically, the majority of reports of lower back pain and sciatica by pregnant women occur during the third trimester.

When a pregnant woman goes to see her doctor, they are often told that the baby’s head is resting on the nerve bundle leading to the leg.

In most cases, this is not what is happening it all.

By the third trimester the hyper extension is at its highest peak and this leads to nerve irritation which can also affect the nerves leading into the leg.

As this starts to occur, there are a number of physical maneuvers one can do to reduce and potentially eliminate lower back pain.

Typically these movements will consists of mild stretches and postural rest positions.

One of the more common movements would be to lay on the side with legs pulled up.

Of course the best way to deal with lower back pain and sciatica during pregnancy is through a preventative approach whereby you are working to get into the best shape possible before becoming pregnant and then continue exercising during pregnancy.

There are exercises specifically designed for pregnant women that have proven to be very effective to reduce the risk of lower back pain and sciatica as well as reduce pain that does occur.

If you would like to know more about how to prepare your body for pregnancy to avoid lower back pain and Sciatica or to get treatment and an exercise program to manage the pain you are currently experiencing, please give us a call and book a free initial consultation at our clinic.

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