Neck Adjustment Fears

“Chiropractic Neck Adjustment Fears Are Largely Over Blown And Unfounded”

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Today we are going to talk about how many people have fear of getting their neck adjusted or have any work done around their neck.

Most of these fears come from the media where certain incidences have been blown out of proportion and not accurately and/or completely reported to the public.

There was a particular case that occurred in the late nine nineties where a person had a stroke and died and a medical doctor brought forth allegations that a chiropractic adjustment from 20 days earlier was the cause of her stroke.

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There was a court case and the media picked up on the medical doctors position and proceeded to report that chiropractic was potentially dangerous and could lead to a stroke and worse.


The reporting by various media outlets was grossly exaggerated and even though there was no medical evidence to support the claims of the medical doctor, the damage done to the public perception of chiropractic was considerable and lasting.

So we come back to the question …are chiropractic manipulations indeed dangerous.

In my opinion, most cervical conditions don’t even require any forceful manipulations.

If any damage is to be done, its likely from the performance of a careless procedure that likely should have been avoided in the first place.

Most of the time, any changes that occur in the neck in terms of the basic alignment are accomplished through procedures like traction or use of different sized pillows, and so on.

So while there is a danger in any health procedure, I believe that in terms of a neck adjustment performed by a chiropractor, the risk is extremely minimal.

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