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“Burlington Chiropractor Discusses How Young Athlete Fitness Can Be Lacking”

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For young athletes in the 6 to 18 years of age category, a lack of optimal fitness may be impacting their performance.

When I speak of young athletes I’m referring to those children and teenagers that are participating in a chosen minor sport above and beyond the normal every day participation in school and at home.

These individuals demonstrate an above average ability and interest in participating in a given activity or sport.

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The challenge or problem that can exist is that these kids are not conditioned or prepared physically to take part in their chosen sport, at least not at the outset.

It is in the early years of participation that this lack of preparedness for a rigors of a particular sport can be most telling.

Young athletes that fall into this category will end up play or participating with sore muscles, swollen joints, and so on, reducing the effectiveness of their participation.

When there is a weakness or soreness in their body that is holding them back, it may not be noticed or taken into account fully by the coaches involved.

Most of the time, muscle weakness is in the core group of muscles like the lower back and groin.

If you have a young athlete at home, I would recommend that you bring them in to our clinic and take advantage of our free initial appointment so we can properly evaluate their state of fitness and provide recommendations for strengthening any areas of weakness, soreness, or discomfort.

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