Treating Baby Colic And Constipation

“Natural Treatment For Baby Colic And Baby Constipation At Our Burlington Clinic”

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Today we want to talk about colicky babies which can involve just colic or some combination of colic and constipation.

With colicky babies the problem almost always is with digestion.

These are typically very healthy babies, its just that after meal time or whenever they eat, they get very very uncomfortable.

This discomfort can extend from the stomach into the intestinal tract due to constipation as well.

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And when you go to the local drug store or pharmacy and find out that there are products like baby exlax, then you know there must be a significant market of suffering babies if someone went to the cost and trouble to develop a product.

The first step to take with a colicky baby is to try and determine if any of the foods they are eating are causing an allergic reaction or are just something they are sensitive to.

In most of the babies we see with colic, there can be slight misalignments as well about 2/3’s down the back bone.

Because a baby is so small and his or her spine is so tiny, we use an instrument called an activator to gently adjust the spine.

In the beginning of the chiropractic treatment the babies are very very restless due to the discomfort they are experiencing from colic/constipation.

The treatment itself is quite gentle and quick.

And the treatments typically will continue until the colic and/or constipation symptoms disappear.

Because we tend to see positive changes fairly quickly, colicky babies are actually one of my favorite conditions to treat.

Not only does it provide real to the child, but also to the parents who are many times exhausted from trying to figure out what’s wrong and provide relief to their baby.

Its also not common that babies will even start to nod off at the end of a series of treatments speaking to both the gentleness of the procedure and its effectiveness.

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