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“Get Colic Pain Relief At Our Burlington Clinic With A Very Simple And Effective Treatment”

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When we’re talking about colic, we’re referring a bout a condition that mostly effects babies, toddlers, and younger children.

It is characterized by a stomach like pain or pain from the intestinal area.

Typically the child would appear to be crying for no reason and can persist with crying due to their state of discomfort for a considerable period of time.

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The good news is that colic is a fairly easy condition to treat.

We treat the spine through chiropractic adjustment in the lumbar area where the nerves related to stomach and intestinal function are located.

In almost all cases, a targeted adjustment in this area will generate positive results right away.

Because the adjustment or treatment is performed on babies and small children, and instrument called an activator is used to make the necessary spinal adjustment with very little if any pain or discomfort felt by the patient.

The activator technique is very, very gentle but still effective in getting the job done.

So if you have a little one suffering from colic or stomach pain of some sort, please give me a call to book an appointment and I will provide a free examination to see if our treatment program for colic is something that would apply to your child.

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