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“What Happens to Kids Who Never Get a Burlington Chiropractic Adjustment Designed For Children”

I asked a young mother, as I was adjusting her 6 month old baby. This was a 25 year old mother , with her 1st baby. Her baby was breast fed, slept through the night but kept crying on-off during the day. When she questioned the crying, she was assured that it was normal. The crying, over a few months, got to be more of a concern as her baby seemed to be in pain. She also started waking up at night and cried for short periods of time.

Eventually, on mother’s insistence, they got to see a pediatrician. He diagnosed her with constipation and prescribed a medication. (I didn’t even know that there was medication for baby constipation).

Unfortunately, her baby’s crying didn’t seem to change.

Some friends were visiting and the talk eventually centered on her baby. Her friends told her to take the baby to a Burlington chiropractor.

Neither her nor her husband have ever visited a chiropractor and had no idea how any of it was related. They would have never considered taking their baby to a chiropractor but their friends seemed so certain.

There they stood in front of me, mom, dad and their baby. Mom was holding the baby who was obviously uncomfortable. I saw concern in their eyes as they told me about their baby’s constipation. I re-assured them their baby was going to be treated very gently.

I examined the baby while mom held her, and showed them how and where her baby was going to be adjusted. The area of the spine where the problem was, supplied nerves to the lower intestinal tract. Her little spine actually bent in that area. I also showed them the Activator, an adjusting instrument, and how gentle it would feel to their baby. They were OK with it.

I started adjusting their baby 3x per week. No change happened in the first 2 weeks, which, in my experience was very unusual. After the 2 weeks the baby started to fill her diapers regularly.

The crying stopped and was eventually replaced with smiles and full night sleeps.

So what happens to kids/babies who never get adjusted?

One of my patients, whose 4 kids are now in their 30’s, was reading an article, in my office, which appeared in Buffalo News, about what type of problems, in babies and kids, are commonly seen and treated by a chiropractor.

She, while holding the article, told me that, ‘in those days no one talked about having their kids adjusted’. She explained that 2 of her kids had their tonsils removed surgically. One of them nearly lost his hearing. Three of them had colic. One of them, the girl, apparently had it very badly. One of them did very poorly in school. Her only daughter has already had surgery for Crohn’s disease.

I have heard similar stories from other parents and grandparents over the years. Knowing what I know about benefits these kids could have received from chiropractic care, there is no doubt they would have had, for starters, a healthier childhood.

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