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“Burlington Chiropractic Treatment For Child Ear Infections And Ear Pain Relief”

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Today I want to talk about ear infections in children and what can be done to treat them.

Ear infections can occur in all sorts of different degrees of severity.

The first and most typical initial course of action is the application of antibiotic medication prescribed by a medical doctor.

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For the most part, any children that we see at our clinic for ear infection or ear pain related symptoms typically have tried antibiotics without any success or with continued persistence of the problem.

Its not uncommon that antibiotics will improve the condition for a period of time, but then the symptoms return.

These forms of what we will characterize as stubborn ear infections have a couple of things in common.

One commonality I see over and over again is misalignments in the top part of the neck.

The second commonality is that the child may be sensitive or even allergic to certain foods they are consuming regularly.

The most common food offenders tend to be gluten and Casein.

Once one or both of these food items have been removed from the diet, then the ear infection symptoms can greatly improve.

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