TMJ Jaw Pain

“What Exactly Is TMJ Jaw Pain And What Can Be Done To Treat It?

First of all TMJ standards for Temporomandibular Joint and its the joint of the jaw.

The joint itself has a disc and a bunch of muscles around it.

When the muscles around the jaw become inflamed, the TMJ disorder occurs.

Of all the things that can be blamed for TMJ in the first place, the number one culprit is arguably stress from daily life.


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When we sleep our stress level can cause the jaw to clench or grind, putting tremendous pressure on the jaw for extended periods of time.

Most of the time, when there is jaw pain its tendinitis or muscle strain, but in some cases the joint itself can actually be damaged.

In order to correct this condition, we need the muscles to settle down and return to normal function.

We utilize a number of different treatments and techniques can be applied to get rid of the inflation.

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Taylor says May 17, 2011

Does it make sense that you can get jaw pain without having done anything traumatic to the jaw.

I just woke up one morning and it hurt like hell

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