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One of the worst aspects of migraines is that they tend to be chronic.

What this means is that people who get migraine headaches, have them periodically over a number of years, and in many cases, throughout their lifetime.

This particular headache has a sequence in which it occurs.

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And the sequence is that a trigger is usually provided by a mismatch of the nervous system and the blood pressure.

This particular mismatch results from an aura .

An Aura is a particular sensation that a migraine headache suffer will get and tends to occur the same in similar individuals.

An Aura can be a slightly strange sensation with the most common one appearing to you as extra lights in front of the eyes.

But other senses can be involved such as your ears, so we find that people with migraines may hear some humming.

It can also occur in the tongue as an altered sense of taste. This altered taste can be things like food tastes more salty or citrusy that normal.

Regardless of what the anomaly is to the senses, the people experiencing it will know that its an aura and that a headache is coming on.

Because the trigger involves the nervous system and chiropractic effects the health of the nervous system through spinal adjustment, we have a lot of different treatment options to consider.

Most of these treatment options are actually quite painless.

For us as Chiropractors, the treating of migraines is actually quite rewarding because of the great results we tend to get with our patients.

Even if you have had similar types of treatments to what I am describing here, I would still invite you to try our treatment programs as our track record of success with treating migraines is considerable.

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