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Facial pain and numbness occurs most often as a consequence of Bells Palsy.

This is a condition where one of the cranial nerves gets inflamed and then causes a problem in the face typically.

Symptoms with Bells Palsy tend to be quite steady; they do not change a whole lot over time.

Now other forms of neck pain and numbness can occur as a direct result of neck problems or neck malfunction.

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More specifically, one of the nerves in the neck gets irritated to a certain degree and therefore causes pain and numbness in the face along its dermatol distribution.

So what that really means is the areas that this nerve affects will go through periods of pain and numbness.

This type of pain and discomfort tends to be quite mild as compared to when muscles are affected like in the case of Bells Palsy.

In the case of neck malfunction, the pain and numbness in the face can vary in both intensity and distribution.

In order words, some times it may cover a small area of the face, it can over an area of the face and skull, and it can cover areas in the neck and shoulders as well.

So there is quite a distinction between these two forms of facial pain and numbness.

Both of these conditions can be treated naturally through a combination of therapies we offer at the clinic.

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