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Work Place Injuries

“Treating Burlington Work Place Injuries With A Combination Of Rehabilitation Methods”

Everyday work place injuries occur somewhere in the Burlington area, but many of them go without being treated or being treated soon enough to reduce the impact of the injury.

These injuries can be caused by numerous actions, but most involve one or more of slipping, falling, and lifting.

When an injury occurs, it most often impacts bones, joints, and soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons, and so on.

At Life Chiropractic Centre here in Burlington, we utilize a number of different treatment methods to help you recover from the injury as quickly as possible and get you back to work or getting you working without pain and discomfort.

Some of the treatment methods we employ include chiropractic care, cold laser treatment, active release therapy, rehabilitation exercise, and cold laser therapy.

Because the injury occurred while you were at work, you are entitled have your treatments covered by workers compensation or WSIB

As primary health providers, you do not require a doctor’s referral to get treatment from our clinic so there is no waiting time between when your accident occurred and when you can start receiving treatment.

If you do happen to go and see a a medical doctor first, then you can still ask for a written referral if you prefer, and then bring it into our clinic.

Our customer service representatives are experts at completing all the paper work that needs to get filled out in order to complete the insurance with WSIB and will be more than happy to help you through the administration process in order to have your treatments and tests paid for by the program.

Our of our customer service reps will  even submit all the paper work to you so that everything will be in order for your file at WSIB.

If you’ve had a work place injury, there is no time to delay as the earlier you receive treatment, the more likely you will have a faster recovery.

And because your treatments will be covered by insurance there should be no reason not to take care of your condition right away and get feeling better.

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