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Minor Aches And Pains

“Minor Aches And Pains Can Lead To Major Health Issues”

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Today we are going to talk about things that are typically not even considered to be injuries, at least not in the beginning or when there has only been a single incident of strain or pain to a particular area of the body.

Things like sudden slips, jolts, kinks that occur, mild falls,  mild whiplash, and other types of occurrences can be so mild that they are usually classified as an injury, especially if the pain or discomfort goes away reasonably quickly.

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For example, if you have a sudden turn of your head while driving, you may experience a mild discomfort in your neck.

Or when you bend into the trunk to retrieve a bag of groceries you may get a twinge in your lower back.

There are plenty of every day examples of similar occurrences and none of them may end up resulting in an injury.

However, if the area ends up getting hurt a couple of times in a very similar location on the body, then its really work checking it out.

Most of the time these non injuries have some pain or discomfort that goes away rather quickly and that can provide a false signal to you in terms of what’s really going on with that area of your body.

The result could actually be that the spine is undergoing some changes that we are not even aware of.

When a longer term injury is created, people tend to either be surprised to find out that the problem started years earlier when they come in for an examination, or they suspected this but never did anything about it.

The key point there is that these types of injuries that develop over time from minor incidences can develop into osteoarthritic changes that we face later on in life in our forties, fifties, and so on that causes us problems with movement and basic deterioration of a certain area of the body that we have injured.

If you would like to check out a minor injury or pain, I suggest that you give us a call to book a free initial consultation at the clinic at a time that is convenient for you.

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Back And Leg Pain During Pregnancy

“For Pregnant Women With Lower Back Pain And Sciatica, We Offer A Completely Natural Pain Relief Treatment”

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The facts are that a lot of women experience lower back pain and sciatica during pregnancy.

Let’s look closer as to why this occurs so often and what can be done about it.

As back problems go, when issues are forming in the lower back, there is no noticeable pain or discomfort.

So when a woman becomes pregnant she likely doesn’t have any idea if she is going to be predisposed to getting back pain or sciatica during pregnancy or not.

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Statistically, the majority of reports of lower back pain and sciatica by pregnant women occur during the third trimester.

When a pregnant woman goes to see her doctor, they are often told that the baby’s head is resting on the nerve bundle leading to the leg.

In most cases, this is not what is happening it all.

By the third trimester the hyper extension is at its highest peak and this leads to nerve irritation which can also affect the nerves leading into the leg.

As this starts to occur, there are a number of physical maneuvers one can do to reduce and potentially eliminate lower back pain.

Typically these movements will consists of mild stretches and postural rest positions.

One of the more common movements would be to lay on the side with legs pulled up.

Of course the best way to deal with lower back pain and sciatica during pregnancy is through a preventative approach whereby you are working to get into the best shape possible before becoming pregnant and then continue exercising during pregnancy.

There are exercises specifically designed for pregnant women that have proven to be very effective to reduce the risk of lower back pain and sciatica as well as reduce pain that does occur.

If you would like to know more about how to prepare your body for pregnancy to avoid lower back pain and Sciatica or to get treatment and an exercise program to manage the pain you are currently experiencing, please give us a call and book a free initial consultation at our clinic.

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Numbness In Fingers

“Getting Rid Of Numbness In Fingers At Our Burlington Clinic”

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You can get numbness in your fingers from a number of different causes.

The first and most well known cause is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel occurs locally in the hand, near the point where the hand and wrist connect to each other.

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At the base of the hand there is a transverse ligament which can be traumatized from continuous exposure to vibration, as an example, from the operation of heavy equipment. So for many occupations, this type of trauma can occur quite often, resulting in the thickening of the Transverse ligament.

This thickening ends up putting pressure on the nerves that flow below the ligament, causing numbness in the fingers, particularly noticeable when the hand and fingers are extended.

Another common reason why people get numbness in their fingers is due to Thoracic Outlook Syndrome.

Thoracic Outlook Syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve near the base of the neck that travels down the arm to the fingers.

The nerve constriction at the spinal level can be caused by an injury or accident from previous years or from osteoarthritis.

In order to get rid of the resulting finger numbness that can occur from Thoracic Outlook Syndrome, spinal work will be required.

There can be other causes of numbness in the fingers, some neurological and some from arthritis that can be hard to get rid of without proper treatment.

If you have numbness in the fingers in one or both hands, I suggest that you give us a call to book a free initial consultation so that we can take a look at your condition first hand and suggest a treatment plan.

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Rib Pain

“Treating Rib Pain Or Rib Injuries With Burlington Chiropractic Care”

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When people have problems with rib pain its typically related to a strain or sprain.

Specifically, more often than not, upper ribs are involved.

So do we sprain or strain our ribs in the first place?

Usually this is the result of reaching or over reaching. Sometimes the pain can come from throwing, but again that is also a form of over reaching.

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There typically is a predisposing condition, something that you are not aware of such as stiffness in the lower back, in one of the shoulders, or the bottom part of the neck.

These are the types of conditions where you may feel a bit stiff in the morning, but go on with you day and don’t think much about it.

When there is rib pain on the left side of the body, many people immediately think it has something to do with the heart.

If the pain is in the area of the heart, the best way to tell if its strictly related to the ribs is by drawing a deeper breathe which will cause a higher level of discomfort from the rib cage expanding.

Some times the lower ribs are the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Lower rib pain can also be caused by over reaching and over extending, but many times it is the lingering result of a past fall, slip, or direct hit into the area, and the rib pain will typically be in the same area were the fall, slip, or hit occurred.

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