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Sciatica Nerve Pain

“Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Treatment For Your Legs And Back With Burlington Chiropractic Adjustment”

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Sciatica nerve pain occurs when one of the nerves in the lower back that leads to one of the legs gets irritated or pinched.

Typically, in cases of sciatica, only one leg is involved.

In situations where both legs are involved you are typically dealing with a more severe condition than Sciatica.

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There are many symptoms of Sciatica that may be present in each and every case.

These symptoms may also come and go in for a single patient, making it hard at times to pin point the source of the discomfort.

The most common signs of Sciatica nerve pain is when the patient experiences pain the lower back that leads down into one of the legs.

Once again, while this is the most common occurrence or pain detection by the patient, there can be other symptoms for Sciatica as well.

With each person that is experiencing leg pain, how far the pain goes down is going to vary from person to person and it can vary from a mid discomfort in the waste to the pain going all the way down the leg into the foot.

Treatments for Sciatica start with an evaluation of posture, the spinal alignment of the lower back, and the muscles in the lower back and legs.

In most cases, the actual treatment involves a combination of active release therapy and adjustments to the lower back.

Very often we will send the patient home after treatment with a home care kit.

A home care kit as we call it includes a number of exercises that focus on stretching, muscle strengthening, and posture improvement which collectively will be important to the long term correction of the condition.

If you have lower back and or leg pain and would like to find out if you are suffering from Sciatica nerve pain and what can be done about it, I suggest that you give me a call and book a free initial appointment at our 2501 Guelph Line Clinic In Burlington.

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