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Young Athlete Fitness

“Burlington Chiropractor Discusses How Young Athlete Fitness Can Be Lacking”

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For young athletes in the 6 to 18 years of age category, a lack of optimal fitness may be impacting their performance.

When I speak of young athletes I’m referring to those children and teenagers that are participating in a chosen minor sport above and beyond the normal every day participation in school and at home.

These individuals demonstrate an above average ability and interest in participating in a given activity or sport.

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The challenge or problem that can exist is that these kids are not conditioned or prepared physically to take part in their chosen sport, at least not at the outset.

It is in the early years of participation that this lack of preparedness for a rigors of a particular sport can be most telling.

Young athletes that fall into this category will end up play or participating with sore muscles, swollen joints, and so on, reducing the effectiveness of their participation.

When there is a weakness or soreness in their body that is holding them back, it may not be noticed or taken into account fully by the coaches involved.

Most of the time, muscle weakness is in the core group of muscles like the lower back and groin.

If you have a young athlete at home, I would recommend that you bring them in to our clinic and take advantage of our free initial appointment so we can properly evaluate their state of fitness and provide recommendations for strengthening any areas of weakness, soreness, or discomfort.

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Child Ear Infections

“Burlington Chiropractic Treatment For Child Ear Infections And Ear Pain Relief”

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Today I want to talk about ear infections in children and what can be done to treat them.

Ear infections can occur in all sorts of different degrees of severity.

The first and most typical initial course of action is the application of antibiotic medication prescribed by a medical doctor.

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For the most part, any children that we see at our clinic for ear infection or ear pain related symptoms typically have tried antibiotics without any success or with continued persistence of the problem.

Its not uncommon that antibiotics will improve the condition for a period of time, but then the symptoms return.

These forms of what we will characterize as stubborn ear infections have a couple of things in common.

One commonality I see over and over again is misalignments in the top part of the neck.

The second commonality is that the child may be sensitive or even allergic to certain foods they are consuming regularly.

The most common food offenders tend to be gluten and Casein.

Once one or both of these food items have been removed from the diet, then the ear infection symptoms can greatly improve.

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Treating Baby Colic And Constipation

“Natural Treatment For Baby Colic And Baby Constipation At Our Burlington Clinic”

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Today we want to talk about colicky babies which can involve just colic or some combination of colic and constipation.

With colicky babies the problem almost always is with digestion.

These are typically very healthy babies, its just that after meal time or whenever they eat, they get very very uncomfortable.

This discomfort can extend from the stomach into the intestinal tract due to constipation as well.

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And when you go to the local drug store or pharmacy and find out that there are products like baby exlax, then you know there must be a significant market of suffering babies if someone went to the cost and trouble to develop a product.

The first step to take with a colicky baby is to try and determine if any of the foods they are eating are causing an allergic reaction or are just something they are sensitive to.

In most of the babies we see with colic, there can be slight misalignments as well about 2/3’s down the back bone.

Because a baby is so small and his or her spine is so tiny, we use an instrument called an activator to gently adjust the spine.

In the beginning of the chiropractic treatment the babies are very very restless due to the discomfort they are experiencing from colic/constipation.

The treatment itself is quite gentle and quick.

And the treatments typically will continue until the colic and/or constipation symptoms disappear.

Because we tend to see positive changes fairly quickly, colicky babies are actually one of my favorite conditions to treat.

Not only does it provide real to the child, but also to the parents who are many times exhausted from trying to figure out what’s wrong and provide relief to their baby.

Its also not common that babies will even start to nod off at the end of a series of treatments speaking to both the gentleness of the procedure and its effectiveness.

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Colic Pain Relief

“Get Colic Pain Relief At Our Burlington Clinic With A Very Simple And Effective Treatment”

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When we’re talking about colic, we’re referring a bout a condition that mostly effects babies, toddlers, and younger children.

It is characterized by a stomach like pain or pain from the intestinal area.

Typically the child would appear to be crying for no reason and can persist with crying due to their state of discomfort for a considerable period of time.

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The good news is that colic is a fairly easy condition to treat.

We treat the spine through chiropractic adjustment in the lumbar area where the nerves related to stomach and intestinal function are located.

In almost all cases, a targeted adjustment in this area will generate positive results right away.

Because the adjustment or treatment is performed on babies and small children, and instrument called an activator is used to make the necessary spinal adjustment with very little if any pain or discomfort felt by the patient.

The activator technique is very, very gentle but still effective in getting the job done.

So if you have a little one suffering from colic or stomach pain of some sort, please give me a call to book an appointment and I will provide a free examination to see if our treatment program for colic is something that would apply to your child.

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Chiropractic Adjustment For Kids

“What Happens to Kids Who Never Get a Burlington Chiropractic Adjustment Designed For Children”

I asked a young mother, as I was adjusting her 6 month old baby. This was a 25 year old mother , with her 1st baby. Her baby was breast fed, slept through the night but kept crying on-off during the day. When she questioned the crying, she was assured that it was normal. The crying, over a few months, got to be more of a concern as her baby seemed to be in pain. She also started waking up at night and cried for short periods of time.

Eventually, on mother’s insistence, they got to see a pediatrician. He diagnosed her with constipation and prescribed a medication. (I didn’t even know that there was medication for baby constipation).

Unfortunately, her baby’s crying didn’t seem to change.

Some friends were visiting and the talk eventually centered on her baby. Her friends told her to take the baby to a Burlington chiropractor.

Neither her nor her husband have ever visited a chiropractor and had no idea how any of it was related. They would have never considered taking their baby to a chiropractor but their friends seemed so certain.

There they stood in front of me, mom, dad and their baby. Mom was holding the baby who was obviously uncomfortable. I saw concern in their eyes as they told me about their baby’s constipation. I re-assured them their baby was going to be treated very gently.

I examined the baby while mom held her, and showed them how and where her baby was going to be adjusted. The area of the spine where the problem was, supplied nerves to the lower intestinal tract. Her little spine actually bent in that area. I also showed them the Activator, an adjusting instrument, and how gentle it would feel to their baby. They were OK with it.

I started adjusting their baby 3x per week. No change happened in the first 2 weeks, which, in my experience was very unusual. After the 2 weeks the baby started to fill her diapers regularly.

The crying stopped and was eventually replaced with smiles and full night sleeps.

So what happens to kids/babies who never get adjusted?

One of my patients, whose 4 kids are now in their 30’s, was reading an article, in my office, which appeared in Buffalo News, about what type of problems, in babies and kids, are commonly seen and treated by a chiropractor.

She, while holding the article, told me that, ‘in those days no one talked about having their kids adjusted’. She explained that 2 of her kids had their tonsils removed surgically. One of them nearly lost his hearing. Three of them had colic. One of them, the girl, apparently had it very badly. One of them did very poorly in school. Her only daughter has already had surgery for Crohn’s disease.

I have heard similar stories from other parents and grandparents over the years. Knowing what I know about benefits these kids could have received from chiropractic care, there is no doubt they would have had, for starters, a healthier childhood.

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