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Facial Pain Treatment

“All Natural Facial Pain Treatment At Our Burlington Clinic”

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Facial pain and numbness occurs most often as a consequence of Bells Palsy.

This is a condition where one of the cranial nerves gets inflamed and then causes a problem in the face typically.

Symptoms with Bells Palsy tend to be quite steady; they do not change a whole lot over time.

Now other forms of neck pain and numbness can occur as a direct result of neck problems or neck malfunction.

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More specifically, one of the nerves in the neck gets irritated to a certain degree and therefore causes pain and numbness in the face along its dermatol distribution.

So what that really means is the areas that this nerve affects will go through periods of pain and numbness.

This type of pain and discomfort tends to be quite mild as compared to when muscles are affected like in the case of Bells Palsy.

In the case of neck malfunction, the pain and numbness in the face can vary in both intensity and distribution.

In order words, some times it may cover a small area of the face, it can over an area of the face and skull, and it can cover areas in the neck and shoulders as well.

So there is quite a distinction between these two forms of facial pain and numbness.

Both of these conditions can be treated naturally through a combination of therapies we offer at the clinic.

If you have facial pain or want to know more about how we treat it, I suggest that you give us a call at 905 335 5433 and book an appointment for a free initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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Natural Headache Remedy

“Natural Headache Pain Relief Treatment At Our Burlington Clinic”

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When people come in with headaches as a complaint, there is usually quite a long history associated with what they are experiencing.

Going through this history is the beginning of our process that will determine if a particular patient is going to be a good candidate for our treatment approach.

In addition to medical history, and history of headache occurrence, there are other tests that are performed to determine if the person is likely to have a positive outcome from treatment.

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In my experience, particularly in Southern Ontario, the barometric pressure can change quite rapidly at times and this can significantly aggravate headache sufferers.

One of the ways this occurs is increased pressure on the patients sinuses.

Many people have low grade sinus infections they don’t even know about that can act as a trigger to their headache pain.

In order to have an effective headache treatment, things like underlying sinus infections need to be treated as well.

If you or someone you know is suffering from headache pain and would like to try an all natural and highly effective treatment, I suggest that you give me a call and we’ll see if what we have to offer can work for you.

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Natural Migraine Treatment

“Natural Migraine Pain Relief Treatment Available At Our Burlington Clinic”

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One of the worst aspects of migraines is that they tend to be chronic.

What this means is that people who get migraine headaches, have them periodically over a number of years, and in many cases, throughout their lifetime.

This particular headache has a sequence in which it occurs.

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And the sequence is that a trigger is usually provided by a mismatch of the nervous system and the blood pressure.

This particular mismatch results from an aura .

An Aura is a particular sensation that a migraine headache suffer will get and tends to occur the same in similar individuals.

An Aura can be a slightly strange sensation with the most common one appearing to you as extra lights in front of the eyes.

But other senses can be involved such as your ears, so we find that people with migraines may hear some humming.

It can also occur in the tongue as an altered sense of taste. This altered taste can be things like food tastes more salty or citrusy that normal.

Regardless of what the anomaly is to the senses, the people experiencing it will know that its an aura and that a headache is coming on.

Because the trigger involves the nervous system and chiropractic effects the health of the nervous system through spinal adjustment, we have a lot of different treatment options to consider.

Most of these treatment options are actually quite painless.

For us as Chiropractors, the treating of migraines is actually quite rewarding because of the great results we tend to get with our patients.

Even if you have had similar types of treatments to what I am describing here, I would still invite you to try our treatment programs as our track record of success with treating migraines is considerable.

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