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Frozen Shoulder

“Our Burlington Customers Get Frozen Shoulder Relief From Early Intervention”

Frozen shoulder is a condition where a person cannot move their arm fully or have a full range of motion.

This can occur from some type of trauma or strain which can get worse over time if not treated and produce a condition where arm motion becomes more and more limited.

The injury can happen slowly over a period of time or all of sudden such as in a car accident or fall.

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In order to avoid the freeze up in range of motion, it’s very important to start the treatment right away.

If treatment is put off, there is a possibility that at some point in time, the shoulder could stay frozen permanently.

If you are having problems with the range in motion in one or both arms, I recommend that you give our clinic a call so you can book a free initial consultation and have your shoulders examined right away.

From the examination, I will provide a recommendation for treatment and you can then decide what makes sense for your approach to treatment.

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