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Treating Tennis Elbow

“Get Rid Of Tennis Elbow With Pain Relief Treatments Available At
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Tennis Elbow is a condition of tendinitis which occurs in the outer forearm area with most people.

These are the muscles that extend the fingers of the hand and once again, that is the area where tennis elbow occurs.

The condition got its name from tennis players who were developing the condition, primarily from using heavy wooden rackets that placed a lot of strain on the forearm area when swinging a tennis racket.

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Tennis elbow could occur from high repetition such as what you would find in professional tennis players, or in situations where beginners or novice players were using poor form and placing unnecessary stress on the fore arm.

Tennis elbow is certainly not limited to tennis players.

Today there are lots of different professions when tennis elbow occurs including any type of office profession where there is a high use of digital equipment where keypads and keyboards are used frequently.

What is more than a bit interesting today is that younger people can have very severe tennis elbow from all the time they spend typing and clicking in front of a computer or cell phone.

While tennis elbow can be very painful, the location of the pain can vary considerably from one person to another.

For instance, for about thirty percent of the cases we see, the pain is in the forearm are and in the hands where there can be difficulty doing any task that requires hand and finger movement.

The remaining seventy percent of the people impacted by tennis elbow feel the pain and discomfort in the upper shoulder, the neck, and can also have severe headaches.

As a result, the majority of suffers, up to seventy percent, don’t know what the cause of the pain actually is, which can make it hard to get rid of the pain as the source is not being treated.

This is why if you are having pain in any of these areas to come in for a check up to determine exactly what the source of of the pain is so a proper treatment plan can be outlined.

The good news with tennis elbow is that it can be gotten rid of rather quickly from proper treatment.

If you would like more information on Tennis Elbow in general terms or with respect to your own body, I suggest that you give me a call so we can set up an appointment to exam your condition.

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Golfer’s Elbow

“Get Relief From Golfer’s Elbow At Our Burlington Clinic”

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Golfer’s Elbow is a term that describes tendonitis occurring on the inner part of the elbow, closest to the body.

There can be a number of causes for golfer’s elbow including an improper golf swing, improper grip, and impact from the club head or face hitting the ground.

The trauma that can result from hitting a divet, for example, can not only cause tendonitis, but can also scar or even tear the muscle, causing even greater pain and discomfort.

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With the pain becoming persistent in the elbow, the condition can become worse with continued golf related activity.

Things can even get to the point where the individual actually stops planning altogether.

The good news is that golfer’s elbow can be treated effectively and completely.

Our treatments do not involve any drugs or invasive procedures and are proven to work over time.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help treat your golfer’s elbow condition, I suggest that you give us a call to book a free initial consultation and from there we can outline a treatment program for your consideration.

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Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

“Discover How Golfers Elbow or Tennis Elbow Can Make Your Shoulders Hurt”

Tennis/golfer’s elbow also known as elbow tendonitis. This condition is typically not felt in the early stages. What happens in the early stages is we do a lot of work with our hands and fingers.

What’s a lot of work?

Lots of work, usually done on the computer, using digital devices, knitting, pottery making etc. the type of work where hands and fingers do most of it.

The amount of work gets muscles of the forearm tired, but before these muscles can be properly rested, more work, soon after, is done. The amount of work done is too much for the muscles to properly rest. So slowly these forearm muscles start getting inflamed. Once inflammation sets in we begin to compensate the way we use the arm. As these muscles get tired and sore we start using larger muscles, higher up the arm, first being the bicep.

The bicep develops soreness on the side closer to the body. Next group of muscles that we compensate to is trapezius and infraspinatous. Both of these are going to cause shoulder pain.

So how long does this process take?

How long before you develop a sore elbow?

For majority of people, it takes years! There is sometimes an event which speeds it up. With golfers, it’s typically hitting the ground with a club, which introduces a shock up the forearm which can precipitate the pain.

Most of the time, we get used to certain amount of pain in our arms, shoulders and neck and we chalk it up to any number of excuses, such as age, out of shape, getting older, lifting heavy, straining the arm etc. We then just suffer with it. We learn how to ‘take it easy’.

I feel this happens because the problem comes on rather slowly. When this happens, it’s difficult for most people to be aware of it. So we just, mainly, suffer with it. So therefore if your shoulder feels tight or is sore or you have tired arms or getting headaches ‘on-off’ you may have a problem with tennis/golfers elbow.

Who is affected?

It used to be that tennis and golf players were mostly affected. Then technology of racquets and golf clubs changed. While tennis players and golfers still get elbow tendonitis, they do so due to improper stroke more so then the equipment!

Also, with the computers becoming part of our lives a new group of patients were added to this elbow tendonitis group. Now the problem has spread to children and women. Children get it from using computer keyboards and joysticks etc.

Close to 70% of everyone who has tennis elbow problems will only experience shoulder pain and headaches. Fortunately we compensate so predictably! If a patient complains of shoulder pain or headaches, a specific exam of trapezius and infraspinatous as well as the rest of the arm will reveal the real problem.

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