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Treating Car Accident Injuries

“Burlington Car Accident Injury Treatments Available At Our Clinic”

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Treating car accident injuries is something we deal with on a regular basis at our Burlington clinic.

And while most people think of car accident injuries occurring on high impact collisions, even the very low speed impacts can injure the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones in the body.

If you have been in a car accident, regardless of how severe the initial injury is, the best thing to do is to get treatment right away before other problems manifest themselves down the road from the initial damage that took place.

While there are a wide range of potential car accident injuries, the most common are to the neck and lower back.


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Sometimes the accident can re injure a pre existing condition or provide a new injury.

Regardless if the injury is new or old, most damage occurs to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones of the body.

These types of injuries can be very painful and require the removal of inflammation from the affected area(s) in order to reduce pain and promote healing. Without treatment being started as soon as possible, the patient runs the risk of the joints to form osteoarthritis if there is damage to the joints, or if the injury is more soft tissue related, the damage can become a permanent impairment if scar tissue is allowed to heal over without any rehabilitation taking place.

It is not uncommon for a car accident injury to take from 3 months to one full year, or even longer, to heal and return the patient back to normal body function without any pain or discomfort.

The key to getting the injury healed the fastest is to have treatment start as soon after the accident as possible. Delaying treatment can allow the injury to become permanent and linger for many years.

In my opinion, the best way to treat these types of injuries is through active therapies which include chiropractic, massage, active release therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture and so on.

The treatment goal is to use a variety of techniques and treatments to bring down the inflammation as quickly as possible and restore normal function.

In most cases, this is the best way to treat the injury and the results of our patients prove this out time and again.

Because most people have some level of car accident insurance available to them to cover medical expenses related to treatment and rehabilitation, there is no reason to not get treatment as soon as possible after the accident.

Even if you only feel slight pain or discomfort after the accident, this does not mean that there isn’t damage that needs to be corrected.

If you have been in a car accident and are seeking treatment or an assessment of your present condition in the burlington area, please give me a call and book a free initial consultation at our 2501 Guelph Line office.

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