Acute Pain Syndrome

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When we are speaking about acute pain, only one area of the body is typically impacted as compared to chronic pain where multiple areas of the body can become involved over time.

We define acute pain as discomfort and motion impairment that comes from a recent injury such as a fall that injuries the leg or knee, a slip that twists the lower back, and so on.

The sudden impact or stress on the body causes swelling to a joint and acute pain is the result.

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After the injury occurs, the impacted area is too painful to lean on or too painful to use.

The good news with this types of injuries is that if treatment is started right away, the condition can be resolved rather quickly in most cases.

Quick recovery time has everything to do with not allowing time to pass after the injury to allow other tissues to become impacted.

By only dealing with one area for treatment, the pain can quickly start to subside and everything starts to return to normal function.

The other key reason results can be quickly achieved is due to the fact that in most cases the person doesn’t have to change any personal habits that may have caused the injury in the first place, or aggravated it over time.

The first step to getting you on the road to recovery is to reduce the inflammation as quickly as possible.

The primary methods we use to reduce inflammation  is ice and cold laser therapy sessions.

Once we can get swelling and inflammation out of the impacted joint, the patient will start to move easier and the condition as a whole will become easier to resolve.

If you have an acute pain right now, I suggest that you give us a call at the Burlington Clinic and book an appointment for a free initial consultation so that we can determine the extent of the injury and recommend a treatment plan to you.

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